Results7 May 2015

Favorable Verdict Following a Jury Trial in Las Cruces, NM

Attorney Cody R. Rogers recently obtained a favorable verdict following a jury trial in Las Cruces.  Ms. Rogers, along with Ned S. Fuller, represented the New Mexico State Police, New Mexico Motor Transportation Division and New Mexico Department of Transportation in a case arising from a car accident involving significant burn injuries to Plaintiff, who was rear-ended by a tractor trailer on Interstate 10.  The New Mexico Department of Transportation was conducting road repair work in the area and had established a traffic control zone west of the site of the accident; State Police and Motor Transportation Division closed two lanes of the interstate in an effort to alleviate traffic congestion resulting from the work zone.   The driver of the tractor trailer was inattentive, did not slow in response to traffic conditions or the police presence, and then hit the accelerator pedal rather than the brake after seeing Plaintiff’s vehicle in his lane.  The plaintiff received second and third degree burns over 15-20% of his body, and incurred approximately $230,000.00 in medical expenses.  Plaintiff alleged that the governmental entities were negligent in the design and implementation of the work zone, and that the law enforcement officers’ decision to direct traffic manually was negligent.  Following a four day trial (May  4-7), the jury found that the New Mexico State Police and Motor Transportation were not liable for the accident, and that the driver of the tractor trailer was 90% at fault.  The jury found that New Mexico Department of Transportation was only 10% liable, which resulted in a monetary award for less than Defendants had previously offered to settle the case, and nearly six times less than Plaintiff had demanded to resolve the matter.


Results15 April 2015

Albuquerque Jury Returns Defense Verdict In Automobile Accident Case

Attorneys Robert Corchine and Dan Akenhead successfully defended a personal injury, automobile accident case to an Albuquerque jury on April 14 and 15, 2015. The defense stipulated to fault and defended on causation and damages.  The two plaintiffs claimed soft tissue spinal injuries, and a court-annexed arbitrator had previously entered an appealable award in their favor for $17,882.65, but the jury disagreed and awarded the plaintiffs nothing.


Remarks4 March 2015

Second Judicial District Civic Legal Clinic

Rick Alvidrez, Tim Briggs, Kirk Allen, Todd Schwarz, and Stephen Waller volunteered their time for the Second Judicial District’s pro bono clinic on March 4, 2015, and met with members of the community on a wide array of legal issues.


Remarks20 February 2015

Second Judicial District Civic Legal Clinic

Miller Stratvert P.A. is proud to announce that we will be staffing the Second Judicial District Civic Legal Clinic on March 4, 2015.  The Clinic is held on the first Wednesday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., in the 3rd floor conference room in the Second Judicial District Courthouse, and is free to low income clients in need of civil legal advice.  The clinic does not handle family law cases and is first come, first served for up to 25 people per day. 

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